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Physician-Directed Weight Loss

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight without success or have lost weight only to gain it back, Global Medical Services is here to help. Not only will losing weight help you to look and feel better, but weight loss can reduce risk factors for chronic conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, improving your overall health.

Physician-Directed Weight Loss

Our caring physicians and on-staff nutritionist will test your metabolic rate and come up with a personalized weight loss program just for you. Our weight loss recommendations will be based upon a number of individual factors including the amount of weight you would like to lose, your health, and your lifestyle habits.


How do you make that last bit of belly fat or the most stubborn love handles disappear when dieting and exercise just aren't doing it? Don't worry, there is a way. And it really works. You can lose those bulges without knives, needles, suction hoses, or lasers. It's a very gentle, effective, non-surgical procedure. And it's very cool...literally. It's called CoolSculpting and Juvanni Med Spa is where you will find it.

Developed by Harvard scientists, this patented, FDA-cleared and clinically proven procedure from ZELTIQ involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin. Because COOLSCULPTING is non-invasive, for most people there's no down time. The targeted fat cells are eliminated naturally by your body over a couple of months. Belly bulges, love handles, and other fat deposits simply melt away, making you look and feel great from every angle.

How to Change Your Body Shape in One Afternoon

Raise your hand if you can relate to this: You have a muffin top, a tummy pooch, or stretch marks (yeah, our hands are up high, too). Whether your trouble spot came from having kids or plain old genetics, you know how stubborn it is to lose.


A machine that freezes fat using a cold-pack suction-cup applicator attached to your stomach, hips, saddlebags, or upper back fat. Fat freezes at a different temperature than skin, blood vessels, or muscles, so it doesn't impact those vital structures. After freezing, the fat cells die and are gradually flushed out via your lymphatic system, so you may not see results for at least a month. 

A session lasts one to two hours per body part, and different applicators are used to treat different parts. Most people need CoolSculpting one time. It works best on those who are 15- 20 pounds overweight, but if you weigh more, you can opt for more sessions a few months down the road. 


"The device feels cold, like placing ice on your stomach, and the suction is intense," says Deysi, 27, from Yonkers. Still, she was comfortable enough to watch Netflix for most of her four-hour procedure, while Yessenia, 41, read on her iPad. Both women report that although the initial sucking sensation was unnerving, they got used to it within a few minutes. 


Most patients lose at least 20% of treated fat. Alison  resumed her normal activities quickly. She wore Spanx for comfort for the next three weeks and regularly applied ice to the area,"both of which can help ease any swelling and discomfort," says Dr. Din. After four weeks, Alison lost 2.5 inches around her middle. "I'd definitely do it again," she declares ten months post-treatment. 


Only a fraction of the cost of a tummy tuck. If you don't fall in the category of patients who will put up with general anesthesia, months of recovery, scars, and a bill that can top $8,000, then CoolScuplting has lucrative price packages for you.

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